campaign identity

Elemed is a breakthrough maritime initiative which involves Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia and aims at the introduction of shore produced electricity in the Eastern Mediterranean marine transportation sector.

For this project we created the whole visual identity and explored the tagline possibilities. The logo is a result of a well-thought-out design strategy. We wanted a contemporary implementation that instantly communicates the project’s objective. We came up with a pure typographic solution, which is a modification of the letter “l” to a spark. For the identity we chose purple as the color which combines the energy of red and the stability of blue, an outcome of how we perceive electricity in shipping.

gift folder

Our client Lloyds, asked for a unique, limited edition gift-folder to promote Elemed project for special customers. We designed and implemented this tailor-made construction that consists of leather, carton and plexiglas. The printed parts and the embossed logo were carefully designed to serve the communication and branding needs. Also two sleeves, one for brochures and one for a pen, were attached to the main construction.