We ‘ve taken many steps over the years to provide efficient and problem-solving designs for the healthcare sector.

With a range of experience for over 10 years now, we are proud to present to you some of our best works regarding pharma and health.

Each and every client had a different task for us and we are glad we got to be part of such interesting projects and initiatives.

corporate brochure

ΗBio is the Greek  biotechnology and pharmaceutical cluster that aims to promote and support the domestic pharmaceutical industry and its related sciences. For Hbio we designed the 12-page corporate brochure that presents the activity of the cluster as well as an overview of the pharmaceutical industry in Greece.

Our aim was to create a clear visual language that highlights the brand.

To achieve this we have created a design layout that comes from the logo itself, using the diagonal and triangular shapes. We have also designed tailor-made icons, infographics and other graphic elements by making the most of the available data from the customer.

The brochure printed using pantone colors to maximize the intensity and clarity the printed outcome.

campaign identity

On behalf of phocus we designed the new campaign of specifier’s oralflux. What we aimed for this time is this; most people think that just by brushing their teeth they are doing fine, but that’s merely not true. In order to achieve correct and full cleaning of the oral cavity you also have to use a mouthwash. We wanted to make this as clear as possible. With a call-to-action slogan and an intriguing photo composition we were advocating for a complete cleaning experience offered by Oralflux. Since this campaign was referring to practically everybody our goal was to be able to adjust to every age and target group.We achieved that by highlighting the need for a strong and clean denture.

campaign logo

Heartcare was a campaign for cardiac medicines initiated by AstraZeneca. We designed our proposal on behalf of mscomm. Our concept behind this campaign was to design a strong yet elegant language that would communicate with clarity the ideas and values behind this initiative. Our very primary notion for the logo was to express safety, safety for the individual and his or her heart. We came up with the two hearts as parts of the same idea, a red heart symbolising the human heart and a blue one for the security and care these medications provide. We wanted the logo to have this secure feeling towards the public, one that would provide assurance and confidence that from now on, people are in good hands.

leto maternity centre gift box

We were asked by maternity centre LETO part of hygeia group to design a gift box that each new mother would take home with her baby after giving birth. It contains a full archive of all the blood and ultrasound tests taken during the 9 months of pregnancy, plus different brochures providing help with the stress of being a new mother. The box was a complete customised solution on our part, we also came up with these specialised inside pockets that aid categorisation and putting everything in its place, so you can have easy access later on.

scientific conference programmes for hygeia group
leaflet design

Every year maternity centre LETO alongside hygeia group organises a special scientific conference dedicated to doctors and nurses. For the period 2006-2011 we designed the exclusive conference programme leaflet of the aforementioned conference. Each and every year we provided a new design direction while also focusing on the long term visual coherence of the organisation. We believe clarity and communication are some of the most important values and this project is no different. With clear typography and matching colours we achieve the much needed efficiency for the attendee of the event.

alpha lab diseases’ Index
handbook design

This is a diseases pocket handbook for doctors initiated by alphalab. We find the ability of editing and customising quite important in fields like medicine, so we wanted to provide this ability with our solution. Our end-product features removable pages, and also the capacity to expand, with new categories and medical sectors. Besides the customised detach-attach capability, we also came up with a colour coding of the various fields, so the doctors can easily navigate through the handbook.