kyriakos melas
identity for a chef

Kyriakos Melas is a well-known chef and nutrition consultant and asked us for a new visual identity for the needs of his communication. So we designed a range of applications to mark the chef’s contact with his audience in a new, simple yet comprehensive way. Beginning with the logo, we thought of a simple monogram version dominated by the geometry of the circle, considering it to be a shape associated with many cooking references and materials. Combining the circle with the letter M, led us to a simplified pomegranate logo, a fruit with intense notions of hygienic and life-like cooking, concepts that the chef wants to promote.


website naming and logo


For the website of Kyriakos Melas we wanted to give an inspired and catchy impression at first sight, so we started working the naming and the visual output simultaneously. What we came up is the melasmeals idea that is presented with a swift animation that visually renders this word-playing between the chef’s surname and the word “meals”. In this way we think we created a pathway to deliver the message of the “smart idea”, which characterises the recipes as well as the overall work of Kyriakos Melas.