nestora terra
brand naming and
packaging identity

Νestora Terra is a newly established olive oil and local products company located in Pylos, Greece. For the new business we created the whole visual and product identity from scratch, including naming for the products and the company. As Pylos and Messinia are strongly connected with tradition and history, the client asked for a traditional design approach targeting the premium market. What we did was to transfer this initial direction into a new narrative that, while adopts specific elements from the past, explores, at the same time, new ways in composition, layout, and overall outlook. In this framework, we created a loop of geometric shapes derived from ancient greek motifs that designed and distributed in such a way to offer a kinetic effect when the bottle rotates. This infinite loop of shapes, which symbolises time, evolution, and growth, also provided a 360° perception of the container, a principle for the packaging we design in general. For this aesthetically fused approach, we decided a single color silk-print directly to the bottle. Finally, we designed all the stationery needed as also the website for the new entity.