ocean finance
corporate identity

Ocean finance is a company that provides specialised economic consultant services and maritime strategic solutions for shipping companies. We performed a complete revamp of the company’s visual communication as well as its printed matter. The logo as a structure and shape is bold, secure and confident. In the meantime, the wave and the indicators illustrate with precision the company’s main objective and goal.

Designing the visual identity was the natural step ahead. We featured a range of implementations for the new logo and the new visual language that contain strong imagery of the liquid element.

corporate presentation

The Ocean Finanke, in corporate visibility, asked us to design a presentation of company profile and activities in a form suitable for conference and meeting rooms. In this concept, we designed a multi-page and very comprehensive presentation on two main themes, one for each activity of the company. In each theme we used the corresponding brand colors and all the necessary visual identity elements. Finally we made the necessary provision to ensure that the presentation can easily be expanded in the future with additional material and information.