ostraco suites
corporate identity

Ostraco suites is a boutique hotel that is located in Mykonos. It is characterized by its minimal aesthetics and offers high end services. In the brief we were asked to create a visual incentive that would coexist with the atmosphere and the well designed architecture. We designed for the hotel various catalogues, such as a wine catalogue, a general drinks catalogue, and also the catalogue for the exclusive bar, in the meanwhile we have designed other forms of corporate identity like folders, evaluation forms, and business cards.

aloe restaurant
logo, business card, menu

Aloe restaurant is an exclusive high end restaurant and part of the ostraco hotel in mykonos. It offers a series of appetizers, salads and pasta with an organic, healthy and natural incentive. We came up with a logo and a visual composition for this case that would refer to the plant itself like the name of the restaurant. The menus are tapped into a light wood giving a more natural and close to the sea feel.