poseidon med II
logo, slogan, campaign identity

Poseidon MED II is the next phase of Poseidon MED LNG Bunkering Project that serves the purpose of the transition from oil to natural gas ships. The main leader of the project is DEPA, who also presented this initiative along with the new logo in the European Parliament in February 2016.

Our objective for the new identity was to highlight further the transition towards a greener future.

The revamp process included many core areas of refinement. An update in the typeface, and a new vivid colour range instead of one colour emphasise a friendlier approach and a more contemporary feeling, to match the ambitions of the project. Along with the new logotype, we’ve also created a new slogan for the Poseidon MED II campaign. “Sailing on the LNG era”.

Poseidon MED
logo, slogan, campaign identity

Poseidon MED is an international project that aims to highlight the transition from oil to liquified natural gas for Mediterranean ships. For the new visual identity our aim was to design a logo that signals this transition, to welcome the new LNG era.

Starting with the logo we chose as a basic element the drop, a symbol for oil and natural gas. Among those two we placed the vertical line that becomes the defining moment of this transition from one fuel to another. This defining moment of time becomes our design solution as it forms the english letter P (from Poseidon Med) constructing therefore the logo of the new identity.

Along with the logo, we wanted the basic options, such as vivid colors and clear typography to mark the change to cleaner energy, which is the main goal of the campaign. Our target for the new identity as total is to offer a contemporary approach, and a certain feel of novelty and optimism. After all, as an initiative it is rather innovative and rebellious to want to upgrade every mediterranean ship to LNG based feeling, thus imagining a better world.