packaging design

sas is currently expanding to a whole new series of charging products including charging cables. For the cables we thoroughly examined the way it should fold into the packaging and we estimated through CAD and 3D software the exact curvature so as to design the foam compartment.

After that initial phase, we created our unique die-cut which fits our rebranded design. Besides the graphic design we undertook the product photography and CGI for the mockups.

Finally we added all the necessary technical specifications and information needed for the tech-related consumer.

ledit brochure

Company sas has a full range of products for self-adhesive lighting strips and many high-tech accessories for many possibilities.

For led-it we were asked to design a brochure to show the possibilities in a clear and definite way to the general public without losing the necessary technical informations at the same time. For the brochure, besides the basic design, we have extensively worked out the texts and the slogan, the product photos and some high-fidelity renderings, based on photometry, that show realistically the performance of lighting in the environment.

Finally, we redesigned all the technical emblems of the series, as well as the led-it logo based on the new branding adopted by the company from early 2017.