worldbridge rebranding
visual identity

WorldBridge is a payment institution and a Western Union representative in Greece. In 2014 we created the name and designed the paylink network logo that marked the stores that used WU’s services.

In 2018, we were asked to design our entire corporate identity that includes the WorldBridge central brand logo and applications as well as three main services it provides. Thus we designed four new logos to meet the B2C needs of the group and to compose the necessary unified visual language for the needs of B2C communication. In this difficult project, bold but also very thoughtful design decisions were taken so that the identity is contemporary and at the same time a continuation of the previous visual language.

brand name, logo, taglines

Paylink is part of the WorldBridge – Payment Institution. Refers to the retail stores network that offer the Western Union services. Our aim was to make paylink seem accessible and easy to use service for everybody. Initially we developed the name and the slogan for the start of this brand. Later on we designed the logo that is based on the idea of safety and corporate responsibility as well as the internationality and the global connections the brand provides.

We also thought of a new visual identity to further complement the new logo.